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The Attractive Modern Thoughts

The Center for Modern Thought was developed  in 2005 as a site for cross-disciplinary theoretical research and instruction. It seeks to carry forward in a search and wonderful  manner the theoretical initiatives that have convert the humanities and the social sciences over the last five decades. At the  time, it seeks to sharpen this thinking in the context of debate  about the crucial socio-political issues of our time. It gives a important place to intellectual history and philosophy as it attempts to design the insipid conditions for thinking a present way.


With a good staff, it seeks to create a new platform for humanistic discover in the University and beyond. The Center has drawn together a single community of scholars where graduate students interact continue  with academic staff in seminars, meetings with users, and other functions. Students profit, at the  time, from close and frequent contact with their guider. The Center offers unusual freedom for innovative, cross-disciplinary work at the MLitt and PhD. level, and has a taught MLitt in place for those students who seek to be introduction  to the cross-disciplinary work we follow . It offers rigorous preparation in the region of Literary Thought, Political and Legal Thought, Science Studies, Visual Culture, and Modern Philosophy, offering students in these areas high-level composition  and a good context of discussion.


We have discovered that students working in notably varying fields  of research find the context of the Center for Modern Thought particularly stimulating and fruitful for their individual attempt. We invite likely students to examine our website for a full description of our aims, structure, and activities.

The Center has grown rapidly in the past three  years, and has attracted significant attention on the global academic stage by reason of its good participants and the breadth of its Aim. In its activities, it traverses the Areas  of literature, philosophy, theory of art, political and legal thought, and science studies. With a strong emphasis on intellectual history and  foundations, we seek to give a new momentum to contemporary theoretical research. We also want to investigate what is possible in the academy and to create a new interface between it and other sectors of cultural and  public work.

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